About Us

Founded in 1991 by Mike Robinson and now operated by he and his wife Cindy, Diode Laser Concepts, Inc. specializes in the design and manufacturing of custom, turnkey laser modules and systems for a variety of industries. We maximize customer value by optimizing product performance against the stated price-point target. Additionally, DLC designs and produces our own, proprietary alignment stations that emulate the customer’s metrology, resulting in distinguished levels of accuracy and consistency. These parts are then sold exclusively to the customer they were designed for, protecting IP with the utmost attention.

Our Ethos Structure

We are a values-driven company committed to completing every project and order on time; with integrity, respect, servanthood, and trust. As an extension of our business success, we are also committed to loving our community by sending employees out as volunteers with our Community Impact Partners here in the Rogue Valley and donating at least 2% of our revenue to changemaking causes.